NFTs for Real Estate and Property Developers


Property Tokenization is an upcoming trend that entails the breaking down of property into virtual shares that can be transacted or blockchainbased digital assets. This process enables the property to trade on a secondary market. Various nations and regulatory agencies are creating favorable business grounds for property tokenization by making legislative changes.

Pros of property tokenization Property

  • The investors in the property get improved transparency. This is because the blockchain-based network is frequently brought up to date pending any changes made including rights, terms, conditions, and restrictions newly applied to the tokenized property. They, therefore, will be made aware of the value of the property in question in advance.
  • The property developers can access more capital as they can subdivide the property with a higher level of accuracy. The property is viewed as tokens and is divided easily. This is due to attract increased participation by investors which in turn will lead to improved capital inflow in a project as it reduces the barriers.
  • Property tokenization will cut down on multiple overhead expenses and shorten the turnaround time for settling funds. This is because the governance of the platform happens automatically as it is digital. Tokenization cuts out middlemen such as agents and brokers. An investor interested in putting his capital in a property project can do it via a tab of a button.
  • Large-scale investors can easily arrange and diversify their portfolios as they can invest in various properties across continents. All investments can be brought to one page and are therefore easy to follow up. Tokenization enables this and these investors can enjoy high returns.
  • Property tokenization reduces the chances of being a victim of fraud. The decentralization nature of tokenization means that transaction records are publicly available and cannot be altered. Tokens available for trade will always be recorded i.e. you can always follow up on your money. Property investors can now rest easy as they know that their funds are in safe hands.
  • The property’s price is not inflated; the price will be close to its actual market value. Property tokenization cuts down on the illiquidity discounts famous with property trades. Many assets can be traded at minimum fees by prospective investors in the secondary market.
  • One can acquire real-time pricing details from the order books. Unlike in the analog paper system that shares information asymmetrically which is cumbersome and time-wasting, tokenization can be relied upon for faster and easier information retrieval. Investors can now discover great trading deals on a timely basis and can invest in a short period.
  • Investors can now be sure of their capital safety. Prompt checks and balances are guaranteed to sustain steadiness; in that, the value of the security token is at all times above the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the property.
With the world changing daily, it is best to always be up to date with new and upcoming trends and technology. If you are a property investor, tokenization is the new way of life. With all the advantages and improvements that property tokenization comes with it comes as an upgrade. Therefore, issuing NFT would enable you to earn a fraction of the bid fee for every offer NFT receives. Some platforms retain 100% of the fee but others such as Zloadr will reward the NFT creator or rights owner of the asset.
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