NFTs for Games and Game Developers


The gaming industry is booming, and more games are coming up frequently. With the increase in programming knowledge, both individual programmers and gaming companies are leveraging creativity and technology to create stunning games that either send the players lost in the virtual world or brings them close to reality. But, how can developers benefit from many players playing their games? How can they avoid copyright violations? It is time to tokenize your game. Game tokenization involves creating a token for your game that enables you to sell units, right, and license for using the game.

Some of the Pros of Tokenising Game

  • Game developers earn more income by selling in-game assets such as characters, special vehicles, and armor to the gamers. Developers can create as many in-game assets as possible and earn more cash from them. Developers need not rely on the popup ads (which many gamers do not like) to earn revenue from their work.
  • As a game developer, you get the chance to reward your gamers with tokens. They can later redeem these tokens for items such as in-game assets. Such token incentives attract more gamers and encourage them to have more game time.
  • Gamers easily access the games and in-game items through the decentralized blockchain system. Tokenization removes the geographic barrier hence enabling gamers from all parts of the world the access gaming items as long as they can connect to the internet. Therefore, tokenization creates a wider market for the gaming assets hence sales and higher income for the developers.
  • Gamers can identify authentic games and in-game assets since it is impossible to counterfeit blockchain-based tokens. The tokens represent an authentic item. Once a gamer has purchased a tokenized gaming asset, they are sure that it is authentic. Therefore, gamers can avoid losing their money to counterfeit assets. Additionally, the tokenization of gaming assets curbs copyright infringement. Game developers can enjoy their rights of ownership.
  • Tokenization creates scarcity hence increasing the demands for gaming items. By preventing counterfeit work, tokenization eliminates the competition created by duplicate items in the market. The demand for genuine items increases thus increase in their value.
  • Tokenizing game assets cuts the cost of purchasing the items by eliminating third-party payment systems. Paying for items in fiat currencies attracts more charges including taxes and payment fees by the third-party payment services. Therefore, tokenization help in cutting the cost for both the gamers and developers.
  • Gamers can enjoy a high level of transparency due to the opensourced blockchain network system. When it comes to rewarding gamers, some gaming companies use obscure methods that may encourage unfairness. Rewarding gamers through a token system encourage transparency and fairness. Every gamer will be able to monitor their performance and be rewarded automatically.
  • By replacing fiat currency with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other altcoins, developers will reduce start-up costs and lead-time in launching. As a new entrant, you have almost immediate earning potential.
Tokenization is the future of the gaming industry. At the center of this revolution is Zloadr that enables you to create and maintain NFT contracts for your game at a very low cost. It also enables you to earn a piece of the bid fee each time the NFT receives an offer, hence long-term earning.
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