NFTs for Digital Art

Refer to Graphic designers and animators using this method as a form of selling animated graphic designs copyright for their works in pros.


One of the most concerns with digital art it can easily be duplicated, which makes the process of authentication tricky and challenging. Tokenisation makes it easy to authenticate the original digital content and separate it from the copycats.

Some of the Pros of Tokenising digital art

  • Guaranteed authentic work. The fact that digital art can easily be copied is one reason why an artist will be better off being a member of the NFT platform. A tokenised digital art will enable collectors to verify the authenticity of a piece of digital art using blockchain and mitigate the risk of fraud or counterfeits.
  • Get access to direct sales, auction, or exchange functionality. With a tokenised digital art, the creator can easily connect directly with buyers or auctions, hence draw maximum benefits from their digital artwork.
  • Security of the digital artwork. With the help of blockchain technology, ownership of a digital artwork can be traced to ensure secure transactions devoid of fraud. Investors can easily trust transactions within an NFT platform.
  • Tokenisation activates the power of fractional ownership. A tokenized digital artwork can be owned by multiple investors, fractions of million-dollar digital artworks can be traded on a global marketplace. The result is a group of investors with enough liquidity to trade on the tokenized digital art, and earn profit based on the market demands.
  • Efficiency in the digital arts’ secondary market. A tokenised digital art is an efficient revenue puller, as both creators and buyers can easily trade on the NFTs within seconds on an NFT platform like NFT Intellect.
  • Flexible and extendable NFT infrastructure. Unlike in the old system where artists or users of a platform are not given the luxury of flexibility to sell and buy digital arts between themselves, a tokenised digital content will be directly sold between sellers and buyers on an NFT platform, allowing the parties to decide on how the transaction will take place.
  • Reduced cost of onboarding. Traditional platforms make it extremely hard for new digital art creators to join them. A result is a disillusioned group of highly creative digital artists who cannot progress their art careers. With tokenised digital art, these artists will find it easy to enter the platform by just doing a basic and simple registration process.
  • Reduced costs of participation. One of the biggest challenges facing digital art is the high cost of entry into the traditional digital art sales platforms and high fees. With the tokenisation of digital artwork, creators will be able to overcome this challenge as the expensive commission is eliminated, and one only needs to pay a small monthly fee for platform maintenance.
NFTs enables traders to verify the authenticity of a price of digital art using blockchain. The process helps mitigate the risk of fraud or counterfeiting in the industry, adding value to digital art. Creating an NFT with NFT Intellect, you can set and receive a royalty from each resale of an asset that belongs to you, as you will be in a position to earn from the recurring income.
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