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NFTs for Events and Shows


Organizing successful events and shows with high revenue inflow is usually a huge task, especially regarding production and ticket sales. Achieving high revenue calls for low expenses and high-ticket sales. Poor ticket sales, poor management of funds, and fraudulent practices often hinder the success of events and shows. Through tokenizing events, ticket sales will be more efficient and transparent.

Some of the Pros of Event and Shows Tokenization

  • Tokenization helps improve the efficiency of sales of tickets for shows and events. The organizers of shows and events can access a global market when using tokens since people can buy these tokens from the comfort of their homes. It creates a wider market for tickets, which leads to high revenue.
  • Selling ticket tokens is cheap and quick compared to selling printed tickets. Printing physical tickets are always costly. Additionally, geographical barriers may hinder their distribution and many funds may be spent to break such barriers. On the other hand, purchasing tokens through a decentralized blockchain network attracts very low charges. Tokenized sales system generally lowers the overall cost of planning a successful event and shows.
  • Token-based tickets also help in fighting fraud and counterfeit tickets. Tokens enable easy differentiation of fake tickets from the original ticket. Only authentic tickets have tokens. Identify counterfeit tickets helps to prevent their fraudulent use.
  • Event organizers and hosts can create loyalty programs to incentivize regular ticket buyers. Such buyers can accumulate tokens and redeem them for free tickets to events, or a shout-out during an event. Such programs attract more people to the event and shows and encourage them to continue buying tickets.
  • Faster and transparent transaction settlements can be achieved when using tokenized tickets. Smart contracts do not use conventional billing methods, which may be cumbersome. Instead, the transactions are carried on a peer-to-peer model, which is quick and straightforward. The transaction history can be accessed to confirm that all the funds can be accounted for.
  • Tokenization enables planning for shows and events, by providing reliable data of the previous shows such as the number of attendees, the total revenues collected, and the expenses, event, and show planners can leverage these data to appropriately plan for such events and shows. They can also use these data to improve the success of such shows.
  • Event and show planners can create different types of tickets with varying privileges to meet a wide variety of customers’ needs and preferences. Since the tokens system is scalable, the different types of tickets can be assigned tokens to enable users to acquire them. This creates high liquidity which leads to high revenue flow.
Tokenizing events and shows are a good way of achieving an effective event and show program. It helps in creating a transparent environment thus preventing fraud. It also enables faster and efficient distribution of tickets which leads to high revenue inflow. Creating NFTs for your shows and events is a simple and efficient process when working with Zloadr. This platform enables you to create NFTs and maintain the contracts at an unrivaled low cost. It will also enable NFT owners to track their royalties and payments. Join Zloadr today and tokenize your show for better revenue generation.
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