NFTs for Apps and Application Developers


As a developer, you might create a nice and innovative application. However, all these efforts may be in vain if you cannot convert the application into marketable capital. Monetizing the app and managing the resources and finances is a determinant of success, yet entrepreneurs and developers often find it challenging. By tokenizing your app, you bring your way solutions to this problem. You can create a token for your application and use it to manage and monetize the app by selling copyrights, licensing to businesses, or even franchising.

Some of the Pros of Tokenising Applications

  • App developers enjoy a stable method of monetizing the application by selling copyrights to individual users or white label application providers. The developer can define different terms for selling the copyright or licensing to these businesses, who will have the right to resell the applications. They can choose the model of earning a percentage of income each time the application is sold, which means a long-term earning model.
  • Users can differentiate between authentic applications from duplicates since the tokens only represent the genuine product. Therefore, tokenization erases the fear of unnecessary competition by counterfeit applications. Developers can enjoy the benefits of scarcity, which is an increased demand for the app.
  • Tokenizing applications enhance user's data security. Most cyber attackers leverage clone and fake applications for phishing and delivering unwanted ads. A couple of years ago, One World Software developed a counterfeit app for Alexa app in Apple App. Users ended up downloading the application, that was used to deliver unwanted ads to them. The whole scenario caused friction between the users, Apple, and the developers of the original app. Tokenization eliminates cloning hence significant in maintaining data security.
  • App developers can create a user reward system to incentivize the users. Users can earn rewards in tokens upon meeting predetermined conditions for reward. Such systems attract more users and encourage them to use the app quite often. Apps with high traffic are good for monetization.
  • Tokenization creates a transparent ecosystem through the decentralized blockchain network. When it comes to incentivizing users, the reward system is automated and follows preset conditions in the whitepaper. Such a system leaves no room for obscure and unfair activities.
  • App developers gain access to the global market. Tokenizing your application helps in breaking the geographical barrier as anyone anywhere across the world can access the right to own or use the application by purchasing the tokens. A wider market creates a high demand and usage, which translates to increased income.
  • New app developers enjoy favorable entry into the application market. You can start earning as soon as your application has gone online by selling copyrights and licensing through tokens. Through this method, you can even raise funds to continue developing your application. This model is different from the traditional one that heavily relies on the high traffic, or the popularity of the application for the developer to get meaningful revenues.
Developing an application requires effort, skills, and sometimes a lot of finance. After creating a functional application, it is appropriate that you get the benefit you deserve, in terms of revenue. Tokenizing your application enables you to effectively monetize your application. If you are new to NFTs and tokenization, Zloadr is the best option for you. It will help you tokenize your application at a low cost. It will also help you track your royalties and payments. Sign in with Zloadr today and start monetizing your app effectively.
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