NFTs for Influencer and Social Media Marketeers


Are you an influencer, an actor, a model, a public figure, or an agency for influencer marketing? Are you wondering how you can leverage blockchain technology to improve your business experience? Well, influencer tokenization is the answer to your question. You can tokenize your 3D-generated programs of yourself and sell them to brands to advertise their products without your presence. It does not matter whether you are a micro-influencer with only 1000 true followers, you can still tokenize your model and earn from it.

Some of the Pros of Tokenising Influencer Advertisement

  • You are a popular social media personality. You have an active and popular Instagram account. You run a famous newspaper or popular podcast. But, are you leveraging the value of your hard-earned followers?
  • Influencers enjoy access to the global market as any business across the world can access the tokens through a decentralized blockchain system. The wide market for these influencers will mean high demand for their advertisement models hence higher revenue.
  • Models and influencers can leverage the scalability of tokens to enable small-time users to use their advertising models. While some brands may want to use the model for months or even years, some may only need the advertising models for a couple of weeks to advertise their upcoming event. Tokenizing the advertising model will enable these users to get what they need and pay according to their use.
  • Brands and businesses enjoy easy and quick access to the advertising model of the influencers. By eliminating bureaucratic procedures associated with traditional middle parties, tokenization enables brands quick and easy access to influencer marketing services. Brands are ready to use the models by simply buying the tokens in the blockchain ecosystem
  • Both users and influencers enjoy a fast and transparent payment system. Traditionally, brands would make direct payments to an influencer or the agency managing the influencer. Such payments are often made after the campaign has been completed, and they are done through invoice. This process will be repeated many times per campaign, leading to the generation of hundreds of invoices that need to be settled. Such a cumbersome invoicing system is avoided by tokenization and both parties can enjoy timely payment
  • Influencers and brands achieve a higher level of transparency and security, through the blockchain system. Contracts designed and executed on the blockchain are immutable. Both parties – the brand and the influencer – cannot change, alter, or delete the conditions of the contract and the transaction history.
  • Direct interaction between the influences and brands is achieved. With the decentralized nature of the blockchain, influencers can effectively run their business and reach a wider market without the need for an agency. A direct relationship between the influencers and the brands strengthens the relationship between these two parties. Additionally, charges involved in a deal are reduced by the elimination of the middle parties (agencies). The influencers pocket more cash, and brands avoid extra costs.
  • As an upcoming or micro-influencer, you can also make your 3D marketing model, tokenize it, and sell it to the world. You do not need to be in the top 50 most famous people in the world to enjoy this novel technology.
You can access a global market, enjoy transparent and secure business deals, and fast and transparent payment procedures when you tokenize your advertisement model. While some platforms may charge high fees for creating and maintaining NFTs, Zloadr does not require a huge upfront cost. You can also subscribe to a monthly membership and spread the cost of maintaining your NFT contracts and tracking your royalties.
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